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The black art of diagnostics ... its secrets revealed!

A whole host of reasons can put a warning light on your dash board these days, some as simple as a loose fuel cap! However, due to the computerised systems now in place in all vehicles, many garages perpetuate the myth that diagnostics is as magical as Harry Potter! At Mobile-tec we have a much more open approach to this fantasy.

Using the latest available technology, we can look deeply into these systems and with a wealth of diagnostic knowledge we can tell you what is happening, why it's happening and the consequences of not rectifying the problem, if indeed there are any.

A fully transparent diagnosis of your fault, with no obligation to continue with any repairs, is our promise. Our prices start from £35 callout charge which includes the first 30 minutes of diagnostic time. Most faults can generally be found within this time and a written description and quote of the repair required will be offered.